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These original MOCEAN designs have set the standard for patrolling on bikes and A.T.Vs. The fabric combination of DuPont Supplex® & MOCEAN's X-Factor™ fabric work together to create a fit that can be worn tight or relaxed. The fit remains true and nonbinding because the X-Factor™ rear panels stretch as your legs pump-up. This provides a consistent fit and maintains comfort and performance. The crotch rise is even designed to 'mount and dismount' without snagging on the seat. The pocketing is straightforward and designed for optimal function. Velocity Shorts and Pants are available in both, Mens' and Womens' fit and in regular and long lengths. Approach Shorts and Pants are a unisex fit.


  • Supplex® nylon w/Teflon HT® shell with X-Factor™ rear panels
  • Men's and Women's fit can be worn loose or snug fitting
  • 'Varied Height- Elasticized Waist™' with a zipper fly (men's), drawcord adjuster and 'Floating Beltloops'
  • 2-slashed hand pockets that allow easy access while wearing a duty belt
  • 2-F.I. card pockets with Velcro®' closures
  • 1-pen pocket with two pen ports
  • 1-back pocket with zipper closure and flap
  • Close yet, nonbinding, stretch-hem
  • Double needle top stitching w/ bartacks on all stress points


X-Factor™ is a stretch, plain weave fabric that is woven with a purposeful balance between hand, function and durability. 'X-Factor's™' stretch properties are achieved through the blending (tri-blend) of three high quality yet, different yarns.
Why a woven tri-blend? The combined properties of the fibers that make up this advanced stretch fabric make it highly abrasion resistant and tough to snag.
Is it water repellent? Yes. X-Factor™ is water repellent due to its unique fiber combination. Moreover, this water repellency will last lor years because it is innate to the fibers and not a spray-on barrier.
How about color retention? The combined properties of X-Factor™ make it an incredibly stable fabric that will retain its color for years to come. Over time its hand gets even better.
Is there an advantage to X-Factor™? Yes. Hasy to care for and incredibly versatile, X-Factor allows us to design and consistently deliver a garment that maintains its form, function and fit, even after daily use. The bottom line is: You get more patrol hours per garment with MOCEAN's X-Factor.


VELOCITY SHORTS set the standard for patrolling on bikes; 5 1/2 to 8 inch inseams

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   1050M- Velocity Short Men (6" Inseam)
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   1050W- Velocity Short Women (5 1/2" Inseam)
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Long Bike Shorts

   1051M- Velocity Short Men (8" Inseam)
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   1051W- Velocity Short Women (7 1/2" Inseam)
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