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Comfort, versatility and performance were the essential criteria for designing this high performance uniform shirt. Built to look like a Class A uniform shirt, the chest is oversized to accommodate your body armor and the asymmetrical arm eyes™ enhance the fit while the mesh vents allow vapor and body heat to escape. Easy to care for and presses quickly with a warm iron.


  • Supplex® nylon w/Teflon HT® shell with Coolmax® mesh cape and Flex Vent Mesh vents
  • 'Asymmetrical Arm Eyes™' enhance range of MOCEAN and keeps shirt tucked-in
  • 'Anatomically Sculpted™' to achieve the best fit with an oversized chest to accommodate body armor
  • Vented under arms and under cape
  • Long sleeve has button vent cuffs with 2-button closures and telescoping pleats
  • Front placket has 6-buttons and is available with (optional) concealed zipper closure
  • 2-pleated chest pockets with scalloped flaps, Velcro® closures, pseudo buttons and left pocket pen port
  • Shoulder epaulets and integrated shield support above left chest pocket
  • 'Varied Length Hem™' provides balance to tucked-in material.
  • Single needle top stitching w/ bartacks on all stress points


What is Coolmax mesh?: It is a high tech, tetra(4)-channel polyester fiber that is warp-knit into a tricot-mesh construction. Coolmax is designed to 'wick-away' your perspiration.
What is wick? Wicking is a process in which a fluid is drawn-out via 'wet-out/saturation'; (as an oil lamp fuels itself). Fit is important here because in order to wick your perspiration away, Coolmax
® must be in contact with your perspiration. MOCEAN addresses this fact within our fit and designs.
Can Coolmax wick moisture from outside the garment? Yes. Moisture can be 'sponged-in' from outside the garment unless steps are taken to prevent this. MOCEAN is keenly aware of this fact and has created "Binary Linings™" and 'Moisture Fences™" to solve this problem.
Is the Coolmax wicking action permanent? Yes. Wicking is innate to the engineered matrix of the tetra-channel Coolmax fibers. It will not wash-out or wear-off over time.
How about drying? Laboratory tests prove that Coolmax mesh dries faster than other fabrics (that wet-out). Data shows a drying rate of l5% faster than the nearest competitor.


Velocity Shirts warm weather comfort, versatility and performance;Supplex® nylon w/Teflon HT® shell and mesh vents

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