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100 wt. Microfleece with Hydrotex™: (100% polyester 9oz/yd) This is a versatile weight for mid-layering under outerwear. Our napped pile, is ultra lightweight, provides superior warmth without the weight, dries quickly, is very packable and stays warm even if wet. The antimicrobial finish resists odor causing bacteria and is hypo-allergenic. We further treat our Microfleece with Hydrotex™, a wicking treatment to quickly transport moisture to the outer shell.

200 wt. Polar Fleece with Hydrotex™: (100% polyester 14oz/yd) This is the cold weather stuff and is an ideal weight for layering under outerwear in those conditions. Our 200 wt. Polar Fleece has a luxurious loft and thick pile that will add substantial warmth in any situation. Our fleece also dries quickly, is packable and stays warm even if wet and has a hypo-allergenic, antimicrobial finish to resist odor causing bacteria. And, we treat our Polar Fleece with Hydrotex™, the wicking treatment that quickly transports moisture to the outer shell.

Coolmax® Mesh: (100% polyester) Is a high tech mesh made with tetra (4)-channel, polyester fibers that are warp-knit in a tricot construction. Coolmax® quickly ‘wicks’ perspiration away from your skin and allows it to evaporate through the fabric, thus keeping you dry and comfortable. Fit is important here because in order to ‘wick’ (like how an oil lamp fuels itself) perspiration away, Coolmax® must be in contact with your perspiration. MOCEAN is aware of this fact and addresses it within our fit and designs.

Cool Mesh: (100% polyester) Wicks perspiration away from your skin like a thirsty sponge and transports it to the outer shell where it can evaporate. Like our other wicking liners, Cool Mesh must be in contact with your perspiration to wick it away. So, we design our garments that use Cool Mesh liners with this fact in mind.

Hytrel® with Teflon HT®: (100% Nylon) Our laminated, waterproof/ breathable, 2-layer fabric is strong, yet light weight for sustained performance in variable conditions. Hytrel® is a monolithic film that, in contrast to microporous films, does not have tiny holes in it that become clogged. Laminated to Supplex® nylon, the polyether-ester block copolymers that form Hytrel® achieve all of the desirable characteristics necessary for a high performance, waterproof/ breathable fabric. The two most outstanding features of Hytrel® are the high Mullen (waterproof) ratings and the outstanding MVTR/ Moisture Vapor Transmission Rates (breathability). Also, the face of our Hytrel® fabric system is coated with Du Pont Teflon HT®, the most effective, longest lasting water & stain repellency available. ‘Simply put; you stay dry inside and out!’.

Flex-Vent-Mesh™: (90% nylon/ 10% Spandex) We use warp-knit Flex-Vent-Mesh™ because it is strong and has excellent 4-way stretch properties. Incredibly stretchy, Flex-Vent-Mesh™ is a perfect venting mesh for use in high quality, professional uniforms due to its unique balance of stretch and durability.

P3 Vapor™: The inventors of this fiber were awarded a Nobel Prize for their achievement and it’s the only textile fiber to have earned such distinction. This revolutionary synthetic fiber is the least absorbent of any natural or man made fiber it also possesses the lowest thermal conductivity rate and is the lightest of them all- (30% lighter than polyester and 20% lighter than nylon). P3 Vapor™ is a jersey-knit fabric (like a T-shirt) but is ‘slick', in order to reduce the friction that occurs between you and your body armor. Utilizing P3 Vapor™, we have engineered the best, most efficient way to stay drier and more comfortable while wearing body armor.

Unlike ‘wicking’ fabrics that ‘wet-out’ in order to transport perspiration within their fibers, P3 Vapor™ transports perspiration along the outside of the fiber and will never ‘wet-out’. This property exposes perspiration to any number of ways to manage it; including evaporation, diffusion and convection. What is key here is that P3 Vapor™ has the ability to give perspiration a place to go in a closed system environment (such as under body armor). Moreover, P3 Vapor™ allows the end user to feel dry because the fabric feels dry.

On its own, MOCEAN’s P3 Vapor™ fabric design is innovative from a pure engineering sense and, reflects a new departure in cutting edge technology. This is a proprietary fabric system developed by MOCEAN for use by our professional customers who wear body armor. ‘You start dry and stay dry with P3 Vapor’.

Reflective Material: Our reflective material consists of a highly reflective, durable material that has a minimum RA (coefficient of retro reflection) of 500 candelas per lux per square meter (cd · lx-1 · m-2), measured by retro reflective intensity testing procedures ASTM E809 and E810. This is the [high] industry standard of 3M® Scotchlite® Reflective Transfer Film 8710 [@ 500 cd · lx-1 · m-2]. The reflective material is silver and meets or exceeds EN471 laundry standards, thus is able to withstand rigorous home laundry washings and is professionally dry cleanable. To maintain the performance of the reflective material, the 3M Corporation recommends the application of Scotchgard® fabric protector to the reflective material.

Stretch-Factor™: (100% polyester micro fiber) Stretch-Factor™ is a stretch-twill fabric that is woven with 100% microdenier polyester yarns. Stretch-Factor™ stretch properties are achieved without the use of Lycra® or Spandex fibers. This accomplishment, in a woven fabric, has lead to incredible durability AND comfort with ease of movement. Stretch-Factor™ was designed and woven specifically for professional uniform apparel and it looks and feels like a high quality, cotton-polyester blend twill. And, being that polyester is one of the most fade resistant and colorfast yarns, Stretch-Factor™ will not fade.

Supplex® with Teflon HT®: (100% nylon) Is a 3.8oz/ yd2 nylon with Teflon HT® that is woven, in a high count, 2-ply, plain weave construction; which is the best for high energy pursuits. 3-ply construction is too heavy and has a firm hand that was developed for winter sports. Would you patrol year-round in ski weight apparel? Durability is not a factor because test data indicates that high count, 2-ply is as durable as 3-ply. Our preferred weight allows us to offer you apparel that is extremely versatile due to its light weight, easy care, stain and fade resistant, windproof and water resistant characteristics. Also, our Supplex® is treated with Du Pont Teflon HT®, the most effective, longest lasting water & stain repellency available.

Tactel®/ Lycra®: (88% Tactel®/ 12% Lycra®) Is a four-way stretch, warp-knit fabric that is perfect for compression and support. The use of Tactel®, with its jet dyed- air textured yarns gives it the soft hand we all like but doesn’t sacrifice the performance that the application requires. Tactel® yarns quickly diffuse perspiration across the face of the fabric and allows for the quick evaporation of that unwanted wet feeling.

Vapor Pique™: (100% polyester micro fiber) It’s a state of the art ‘plated’- knit pique that was created for MOCEAN’s professional uniform shirts by knitting two different high quality polyester microfibres yarns together to create a fabric face and back. Vapor Pique™ is a robust microdenier, mini-pique knit that has a high-quality, lush yet, lightweight hand that will maintain its just pressed appearance all day. This purposeful balance between hand, function and durability will also maintain its integrity over time and is easy to care for. We also added Q-wick™, a wicking treatment to the inside yarns. Q-wick™ quickly sponges perspiration away from your body and disperses it along the outside fibers to speed evaporation and cooling. 100% polyester yarns means that Vapor Pique™ will not fade.

X-Factor Fabric™: (65% aramid/ 30% natural fiber/ 5% segmented polyurethane) X-Factor™ is a stretch-woven fabric that was designed and woven specifically for daily and extreme end use in MOCEAN’s uniform apparel. The combined properties of this advanced fabric make it highly abrasion resistant and tough to snag, yet it is so lightweight that you can almost see through it. Its tri-blend construction and permanent water repellency is a purposeful balance between hand, function and durability that will maintain its integrity over time. X-Factor™ allows us to design and consistently deliver garments that maintain their form, function and fit even after daily use. The bottom line is: ‘You get more patrol hours per garment, per dollar’ with MOCEANs’ X-Factor™.

Registered Trademarks: We refer to the following registered trademarks: MOCEAN® of MOCEAN, Inc. Coolmax®, Hytrel®, Lycra®, Supplex®, Teflon HT® of E.I. Du Pont de Nemours Inc. Tactel® of ICI Chemicals & Polymers, Ltd. Scotchlite®, Scotchgard® of 3M, Inc. Velcro® of Velcro, Inc.

MOCEAN Trademarks: We claim the following trademarks: Anti-Side-Seam™, Asymmetrical Arm Eyes™, Asymmetrical Raglan Shoulders™, Binary Lining™, Can- Can Pocket™, Flex-Vent-Mesh™, Floating Beltloops™, Moisture Fence Cuffs™, No See'Um Cuff™, P3 Vapor™, Q-Wick™, Reservoir Pocket™, Stretch Factor Fabric™, Suspend Shock™, Varied Length Elasticized Waist™, Vari-Fit Waist™, Varied Length Hem™, Vapor Pique Fabric™ and X-Factor Fabric™

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